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Personal Zen

P E R S O N A L  Z E N

Written by: Kathy

Homepage:  Coming soon...

Personal Zen was established in early '97, in hopes of regaining that Bush feeling, that many in the Bush community had lost. Also hoping to supply Bush fans with a 'zine, that wouldn't fade away. Lori and Kathy (the co-maintainers) met on the Official Bush Mailinglist (23Seconds) and joined together to bring a spectacular 'zine to the online world. Both, having previous Bush 'zines, put together their experience and knowledge, with the outcome being Personal Zen. The name was choosen by putting together the song titles of both "Everything Zen" and "Personal Holloway" (the first two songs, of both albums) together and using the slogan "Long Live Zen" (which Gavin Rossdale said at the RBSC Launch in New York city in the middle of Everything Zen). The 'zine will undergo various changes throughout the time it shall be run. It contains fan to fan information, up to date news, opinions, articles, etc. The point: to express the love of Bush. The payoffs: knowing that the point was made clear.

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