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Supporters of a Bush Positive, Fan-Friendly, Online Community

There are loads of BUSH 'zines & websites on the web- too many to count. Unfortunately, in the online BUSH community, many of these 'zines have focused not on the band or the fans, but on how many subcribers they have and how popular there 'zine or website is or can be.

Not long ago, a brilliant BUSH 'zine called Suburban Suicide shut down due to the competition felt between 'zines.  The event had proved that it was time to stop the competing and start cooperating.  

Here's the deal: three BUSH 'zines have come together to make a promise to be competition-free and Bush Positive.  

                                                                                           They are:

 *B*U*B*B*L*E*S*,  P E R S O N AL  Z E N,  ScReAmInG dAiSiEs

These 'zines are the original supporters of this BUSH positive, fan friendly online community.

Please note:  MACHINEHEADS and The Mouth-Off Weekly Digest 'zines are no longer active.

Other Zines

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This website is in no way personally affiliated with BUSH, Trauma/Interscope Records, or Mad Dog Winston Records.

The Bush Positive Community - Online website's 'zines and websites  are not placed on here as a strategy to receive subscribers or "hits".  It's clearly a page for recognition and support.  Please take note when submitting a 'zine or website into the community.  

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This website is dedicated to Bush and to all of the fans.