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Season's Greetings!

Here is how this works: FOUR BOOKS COMPILED OF YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS WILL BE DELIVERED IN PERSON TO TRAUMA RECORDS IN DECEMBER. There will of course be one book per Bush man (All Winston contributions will be included in Gavin's book). Please be fair with your contributions. Don't just send something for Gavin. If I do not get an equal amount of contributions or at least close enough for each member THEY WILL NOT BE DELIVERED. You may send in anything you like-cards, poems, letters, pictures, etc. I am accepting both email and snail mail contributions. Each contribution will receive individual credit.


--->These are not personal letters- they must have a holiday greeting in the body of the letter.<---


All email contributions must be in plain, black text.  Include your email address, full name, and the names of the 'zines (that are apart of this community) you are subscribed to.  Email them to

Snail mail-

Snail mail contributions are being taken only by the seperate 'zines themselves.  Ask the editor of a 'zine or view their website for more information.

Anyone failing to follow the above requirements will not have their contributions mailed.