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ScReAmInG dAiSiEs

ScReAmInG  dAiSiEs

Written by:  Marianne

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Does lack of BUSH make you wanna scream? Join ScReAmInG dAiSiEs, a BUSH Positive 'zine made for "the best fans in the world".  ScReAmInG dAiSiEs was started in October of 1996 and has been running ever since. The 'zine contains up to the minute news, facts, lyrics, trivia, reviews, contests for great BUSHy prizes, rumours, and lots LOTS more that any fan needs! ScReAmInG dAiSiEs has special issues that come out for the BUSHmen's birthdays, album releases and our annual anniversary issue. ScReAmInG dAiSiEs guarantees that you will be BUSHily satisfied. If you ever decide you don't want the 'zine anymore, just unsubscribe. Being BUSH Positive means that we respect the band, the fans, other 'zines and don't just praise one of the band members. We are very proud to be one of the BUSH Positive 'zines. Definetely check out the other 'zines on this site. They are worth it! Hope all of your days are BUSHy!!!!

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