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Written by:  Reena


The BUBBLES 'zine was made in late February of  97 by a BUSH, for BUSH fans. It contains facts, up to date news, trivia for the die hard fan, readers poll, Q&A, stories of people meeting BUSH (the original Close Encounters), Interpretations of BUSH songs by the members themselves, Concert Reviews, and so much more. In our Extras column, extra information, stories, opinions, interviews, articles, news, and more are added in. A new column every week- No issue is ever the same! Instead of most 'zines, this one comes out one email, once a week instead of once a month. You hear it as it happens!! Also, 5 birthday issues are sent out a year to/for Gavin, Nigel, Dave, Robin and Winston, which come with a rare collage! *B*U*B*B*L*E*S* guarantees you will be satisfied with the 'zine as do all of our over 1,000 members! It was even voted by readers being in the top three BUSH 'zines online, 2nd place in the HipLikeJunk E-Zine Battle, and Best Zine Online by the Solomon's Bones/Suburban Rythm zine!

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